Friday, 31 December 2010

There just aren't enough hours in the day

I have been a little naughty and slacked off from my (kind of) regular Blogging.
Im finding it hard to find time to blog when i spend all day at the shop and when i get home im making more stock. But i am going to try my best to keep the blog updated with stuff i make.
The shop has been going well. I sold two lovely cushions to a lady yesterday and she was kind enough to send me a text message to tell me how happy she was with them! One of the cushions she bought was the button love heart cushion.
It's nice to know my creations go to a loving home.
Here is some photos of some new cushions i have made and are now for sale in the shop.

Button Heart Cushion SOLD

Organic Cotton Moustache Cushion £12.50

Natural Creme Wool Button Cushion £20.00

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