Sunday, 18 April 2010


So i thought i best update you on what ive been getting up to since my last post.
I have been battling to try and get my 12 final pieces for my final major project along with my professional studies pack.

My presidential wallpaper which i love! But in all honesty has been the bain of
my life and the reason for some tears and temper tantrums. It has been really hard and time consuming to get it right but im happy with the outcome.

George Dub-Ya Tee!

Obama Tee!

My Mount Rushmore cushion which is devore onto grey velvet.
Its kind of hard to get a good photograph of because of how the light hits the velevet. The cushion is only pinned around the cushion inserts and not constructed yet just to get an idea of how the cushion will.

So the easter holidays are coming to an end and would have liked to have had lots more finals produced. So i now have 3 weeks left to work my butt off, wish me luck!!