Sunday, 14 November 2010

Pom Pom POW!

So i have been busy preparing for Designers Market place and another project.
Now i relise this is going to qualify me as a Granny but... I am addicted to making pom poms! I had seen pom poms featured on a blog a couple of weeks ago and thought i have to have a bash at making some. Here is your warning, pom pom making is highly addictive! I had fun making them but didn't leave the house for a few days and if i did it was just to get more wool.

Anyway one million pom poms down the line and i had to think of something to actually make them into. So i figured Christmas is coming up, how about a pom pom garland. Festive colours red, green and white, ideal for draping over a fire place or hung around the christmas tree.

I stamped up some with compliments slips to put with the pom pom garland and packaged them in brown paper lunch bags, cute?

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