Sunday, 29 August 2010

bits and bobs

Over the years i have always hung on to old nick nacks and emphemera like tickets, papers, photos, book, stickers etc and over the last couple of weeks i have been on the hunt for some more vintage stuff. I have always loved old emphemera, the old typography, colour and just general wear and tear adding character and telling story. At the moment im working on a little project which will pull all these bits and pieces together... i will share with you in a couple of weeks.

But just had to share these two old photographs i came across the other week (they are no relation) how cute are they? especially the little girls face.


  1. i love old photos. it always surprises me when i find them in random books or whathaveyou....the little girl is really cute!

  2. aww i know shes got such cute chubby cheeks