Thursday, 24 June 2010

screen printing

So since college i have been dying to do some screen printing from home.
Once all my printing supplies arrived i was ready to go.
I coated my screen and put together a make shift darkroom in my garage to allow the emulsion to dry but not expose, all of which was particularly easy. Now came the difficult part... exposing my screen. Being used to putting my screen in an exposure unit for a couple of minutes i didn't realise how time consuming perfecting the exposure time would be. After 6 attempts at expoing my screen and having to strip, dry and re-coat i think i finally figured out how long to leave my screen in the sun for. However times will vary with weather conditions (this week has been super sunny)

The garage has been transformed into my own printing studio, much to the annoyance of my Dad.


  1. this looks gorgeous and really professional make me something

  2. im loving printing at home
    although when i was having difficulty exposing i did almost cry! ha x

  3. Following you now, ha ha :)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing it.that's amazing!!
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