Thursday, 12 November 2009

Work Experience

Im getting more worried by the day as my life as a student is slipping away a little too quickly for my liking and then i have to enter the big bad world of full time work, im so worried about it.
But i figured the more experience at it i have the better i will feel and the better it will look to employers and gain insight into how managing your own business works if i decide to set up all on my lonesome.
In april/may this year i did work experience with Abigail Brown in London and got some insight into how she manages her own business and got to make some of these super cute birds.

Yesterday i started my placement with Punky Pins who create jewellery and clothing. I spent all day making jewellery, opening and closing jump rings my hands were so sore from using pliers all day but it was really good fun and everyone who works there was really nice .

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