Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Florida & Diana Ross

Finally arrived in Orlando last night after what seemed like an eternity of travelling which was... an experience, as it was just me and my brother travelling so we had to figure out where to go, what gates, flight delays etc by our selves, usually we just follow wherever our dad leads us.

The weather is nice and sunny but not as humid as usual which is great as usually its so humid you cant stay out in the sun too long... plus it makes my hair similar to Diana Ross's

So while im here and missing 2 weeks of uni the idea is to continue writing my dissertation and doing some design development. However wheather that actually happens has yet to be seen.... today i have done no work and just shopped but its only my first day. I will have to get cracking at some point though as when i get back to uni there are only a few weeks for making my final samples and everything is going to be hectic and i will be pulling my hair out OH THE JOY!

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